Lidsdale House Garden

By IM, April 7, 2015

The garden surrounding Lidsdale House was designed by Paul Sorensen. It is lush and manicured. But the 1940s extensions to the house are in a creepy and ominous style. They have an uncanny lost domain feeling that haunted me as I cautiously peeked over the fence as a child. In some strange way they projected the sadness of Frank Neubeck and his wife who had lost two of their sons in WWII. It felt more like a beautiful mausoleum than a house.

The house has now come full circle, similar owners but a different sort of death. It is the local headquarters of Centennial Coal, miners whose industry is dying around them.


  1. bernard vance says:

    Heggies Trucking operated from there in the 1980s. Went thru a succession of undercapitalised owners seeking champagne style on beer budgets. The house may come back into it’s own when the power station is removed from the landscape.

  2. Christine nott says:

    Is this house open for the public to veiw. Christine Nott

    • IM says:

      Not as far as I know. You could ring Centennial Coal and ask them, they use it as their local office.

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