This blog is about the landscape of the Great Western Highway and Castlereagh Highway from Hartley to Kandos. I have known it almost since birth, travelled the road thousands of times, lived on parts of it.

My understanding of its landscape is part of my understanding of life and when I look at it I see it overlaid with other times, from before I was born to what I guess it will become long after my death. It’s like one of Humphry Repton‘s Red Books, there are more landscapes in a view than are obvious and knowledge changes what you can see.



  1. bernard vance says:

    As former resident at Wallerawang this is very interesting info. Look forward to further installments.

  2. Christine McMillan says:

    Following your posts from Kandos

  3. Julie Williams says:

    Ian, this is an amazing collection of stories..a gamut of emotions…following the posts from the Vale of Clwydd.

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