Walker Barton Cemetery

By IM, April 6, 2015

Lake Wallace was created in 1978 to supply cooling water to Wallerawang power station. The Walker Barton Cemetery on the north side of the lake would have been flooded but the grave markers were removed, the ground level raised by about six metres and then the gravestones reinstalled.

So this is not the cemetery it seems to be, the real cemetery is far below it, although it will now last longer than the power station that  overshadows it. The power station shut down in 2014 and is now in the process of demolition. The lake will be the most conspicuous reminder of its previous existence.

One of the graves is that of Thomas Brown of Eskbank in Lithgow, the man who began the coal industry in this area. Thomas Brown could also claim to be the founder of the tradition of coal industry political corruption in NSW. That coal industry is now also slowly shutting down as the climate change that it produced continues to irrevocably destroy our environment.

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